March 2, 2010

Questions / Comments

  • Christ on Earth was fully God and fully man. Could He have sinned? Did He have a choice? (3:44)
  • How to choose the right church to attend? Must Christians speak in tongues? (15:59)
  • When God sent angels to rescue Lot. Why did Lot want to protect the angels, but willing to throw his daughters to be ravished by the Sodomites? (20:52)
  • Hank comments on USA Today column by Oliver “Buzz” Thomas who praises liberal Protestant denominations for their impact on cultures from the 1950s to present. He lauds their grand vision for reproductive choice and for rejecting the authority of biblical passages condemning homosexuality (29:51).
  • How is it that we will be incorruptible in heaven? How do we change from being sin nature here and no sin nature there? (32:23)
  • OT Pseudepigrapha ok for Christians to read? (36:32)
  • Clarify your statements on the pretribulation rapture (38:37)
  • Read Bible, attend small groups, but have a hard time retaining the information. Will God judgment for being unable to retain the information? (46:08)
  • 2 Samuel 2:15-18 – why did the soldiers slew each other? (52:06)