March 3, 2010

Our purpose is to make you so familiar with genuine Christian doctrine that when counterfeits loom on the horizon you will know it instantaneously…. (2:33)

Questions / Comments

  • Caller seeks to discuss biblical grounds for divorce and remarriage. Wife divorced without just cause. (5:41)
  • Attended a United Pentecostal Church. Concerned that they do not believe in the Father. Christ the Father of eternity? (17:52)
  • Shaken to my core. Grew up dispensationalist. I have come to understand most biblical events have been fulfilled – Olivet Discourse & most of Book of Revelation. Where does all this leave the Second Coming? (22:37)
  • Book of Deuteronomy often used sarcastically by unbelievers. They point to the violent punishment of a young bride who is not a virgin and use it to dismiss condemnations against homosexuality. Thus, entire book is irrelevant for modern world. Clarify references to civil and ceremonial laws. NT resource that shows use of civil and ceremonial law way of interpreting Deuteronomy? (32:05)
  • Husband is on pastoral hiring committee. Conflicted about homosexuality in the church and hiring a practicing homosexual. (38:12)
  • Talking with a Jehovah’s Witness. She talked about the Lord’s Prayer and made distinction between the earthly kingdom and heavenly kingdom. (46:44)
  • Revelation 21:8 and 22:15 list those outside New Jerusalem. Is “whoremongers” regular adultery or something different? (54:14)