March 4, 2010

Hank recommends reading The Third Day: The Reality of the Resurrection for the Lenten season, which demonstrates the fact of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the reality of the Christian hope of resurrection… (2:20)

Questions / Answers

  • How to witness to friends who follow false doctrines such as Roman Catholicism? (5:36)
  • Clarify differences between genealogies in Matthew and Luke? (17:44)
  • Can you touch on King Saul going to the witch at Endor to call upon Samuel? How did that work? How could she bring back the spirit of Samuel? (22:44)
  • Friend into Oneness Pentecostalism. Are those holding to modalism considered Christians? (25:33)
  • Had born again experience last Christmas, stumbled since then, praying for forgiveness, but is there a point of no forgiveness? (32:27)
  • Warning against destroying the temple of the Holy Spirit and He will destroy you, but I am addicted to nicotine? (36:08)
  • Address John MacArthur’s view on the bodily return of Christ before the 7-year tribulation then the return of Christ to establish 1000-year kingdom? (46:38)
  • Since Jesus was fully God and Man, did He have Mary’s DNA and God’s DNA? (50:29)
  • If Jesus inherited Mary’s DNA, did He inherit her sin nature? (52:45)
  • Clarify Jesus being the Angel of the Lord, and God speaking from heaven being an anthropomorphism (53:42)