March 9, 2010

Hank shares on the celebration of Easter, and points out that he spends more time preparing for Christmas than Easter. But apart from the resurrection of Jesus Christ, there is little point in even discussing Christmas…. (2:52)

Comments / Questions

  • Thoughts on someone who observes a way of praying called a chatroom with God that consist simply journaling questions like “what should I do today?” or “what should I wear today?” (7:24)
  • Approaching family members who enjoy the teachings of Joel Osteen (10:49)
  • Sharing Trinity with Jehovah’s Witnesses and using 1 John 5:7-8, but Bible versions differ, and wondering whether there is another verse on the Trinity? (17:44)
  • Witnessing to a coworker who identifies as a satanist (23:30)
  • Is the Trinity analogy of water having states of liquid, gas, and solid but same molecular structure, a good one? (33:25)
  • Is having pride a sin? (37:47)
  • Do you think Melchizedek was Jesus Christ? (48:40)
  • What about the teaching of R.G. Stair? (54:53)