March 10, 2010

Questions / Comments

  • How to prove to 16-year old niece that the Bible is reliable and that it is the true Word of God? (17:40)
  • Having trouble with pornography, but how can I use The Covering to deal with this problem? (21:28)
  • How to reconcile Joshua 21:43-45 on the Israelites receiving all the land promises with what is going on in the Book of Judges, which indicates there were still Canaanites in the land? (32:58)
  • Want to celebrate Easter and make it meaningful for my kids but how to explain the rabbit and the eggs? (38:23)
  • 8-year old son asked: If Satan could choose to disobey Christ, could angels still have the opportunity to do that? (46:53)
  • My college professor said that Genesis 1 & 2 contradict. What is your take? (51:53)