March 15, 2010

Questions / Comments

  • You equated Nero with the antichrist. Will we be going through the great tribulation? (3:06)
  • Book of Jeremiah condemns Christmas holiday such as the Christmas tree, and that Jesus was not born on December 25? (6:51)
  • I always understood Antichrist means “anti,” i.e., “instead of” or “in place of,” and  thus a person who is against Christ? (18:32)
  • If a Christian sins, must we ask God for forgiveness? If we do not ask God for forgiveness, what happens to our relationship with Christ? If “once saved always saved,” does this mean we can sin without consequences? (21:27)
  • Hank shares on Proverbs 15. “A proverb a day keeps the Devil away.” He also shares insights from his meditations upon Psalms 31-33… (31:58)
  • What are the historical accounts of Jesus outside the Bible? (35:06)
  • God in Exodus 4 says He gives and takes away sight. Confused about God taking sight away. Why would He do that? (38:05)
  • What information do you have on John Bevere? (47:06)
  • I am a Christian, and my husband is an unbeliever, having marital problems, we are separated, he threatens me with divorce, lashes out against my faith. (50:52)