August 10, 2009

Hank shares how the Christian Research Institute is a needed ministry, which provides the body of Christ discernment skills in a time when discernment is lacking in the body of Christ (0:30)


  • Why have Jews stopped animal sacrifices? What is the Jewish view of the end times? (4:21)
  • Will we need to shower or use the restroom in heaven? (7:55)
  • Solomon had many wives and worshipped pagan gods. Why did God delay Solomon’s punishment until the time of his sons when the Lord does not punish sons for the sins of their fathers?  (12:38)
  • What about praying using the phrase “by the blood of Jesus”? (38:49)
  • What about churches gathering to do spiritual warfare? (43:03)
  • Biblical teaching on adultery with respect to divorce and remarriage (46:00)
  • Thoughts on baptism being essential for salvation (48:28)