March 16, 2010

Hank shares thoughts on forgiveness and whether we must forgive those who refuse forgiveness… (2:43)

Questions / Comments

  • Does sexual immorality disqualify anyone from marriage? The former sexually immoral person who marries is in perpetual adultery? (4:25)
  • How to respond to Roman Catholic teaching on purgatory? Is purgatory a non-essential doctrine? (9:48)
  • Is Jason Westerfied a recommended preacher? (17:43)
  • Is the Roman Catholic sacrament of Confession biblical? (22:42)
  • Can the Devil be forgiven? (23:50)
  • Within the realm of possibilities that God could authorize angels that they can be physically strengthened to survive extreme heat and cold?  (25:56)
  • Which OT teachings apply to Jews and Christians? 2 Chronicles 7:14 applies to USA? Should we pray for God to heal our land? (33:09)
  • Mark 16:9-20 not in the original Bible? (37:11)
  • OT dietary Law prohibition of eating swine, but NT says it is fine? (46:58)
  • Did God change His mind in the Book of Jonah? (50:40)
  • Were the OT patriarchs have the Holy Spirit? (53:05)
  • What about the Trinity Broadcast Network, and the way they refer to the Holy Spirit as the Holy Ghost? (54:33)
  • Correct to say all denominations are the body of Christ? (55:58)