March 18, 2010

Questions / Comments:

  • Christian friend posted from the Song of Solomon and indicated ok to talk openly about sex but appears to have led readers to an unsacred view of sex. Cut friendship ties with her? (3:08)
  • I’m 61-years old, raised in a Christian home, married a professing Christian, but uncertain whether he is a born again. Children are not with the Lord. I have fiber myalgia. Lapsed in my faith. Not prepared to give an answer. Burdened by sickness. I feel like I failed the Lord and He has given up on me. (8:38)
  • Former secular humanist. I was armored against evangelical Christianity. Can you suggest any resources in speaking to other atheists and agnostics? (32:31)
  • Marco evolution not possible? Lion laying with the lamb and eating straw. Were lions ever vegetation eaters? (39:05)
  • Recommended to attend healing ministry of Francis MacNutt. But there are many healing centers such as John & Paula Sanford w/ Elijah House and their inner healing. What are your thoughts on such things? (47:28)
  • 24-year-old daughter has become acquainted only with Black men. She has a half-black son. Husband has a problem with their relationship. What does the Scriptures say? (51:46)