March 22, 2010

Questions / Comments

  • Does God view some sins as more severe than others? (8:46)
  • Is there biblical support for the USA legislating against pornography? (17:57)
  • Has America ever been a Christian nation? (19:04)
  • Trying to get back into church. Husband is a non-practicing Roman Catholic. Uncomfortable attending Roman Catholic Mass. Which church should I attend?  (23:38)
  • Is Kent Hovid a reliable teacher? (33:42)
  • There are various types of conversion experience. Recalling specific day, time, and minute and radical transformation necessary for a valid conversion experience? No radical memorable conversion experience yet slow transformation as a Christian valid? (37:08)
  • Should every church have a discipleship program? (48:51)
  • Retired pharmacist after receiving a healing. I am involved in a ministry. Should I tithe to church or to my ministry? (53:54)