March 23, 2010

Questions / Comments

  • What about Crazy Love by Francis Chan? (3:00)
  • Was Jesus crucified on a Wednesday or Friday? Salvation by faith alone is refuted by Epistle of James? (3:51)
  • Does divorce disqualify a person from ministry? (9:04)
  • Former LDS (Mormon). LDS wife divorced me. Reluctantly divorced. Considering remarriage. My pastor discouraged remarriage. (17:44)
  • 6-year-old boy ask: Where does the Bible talk about dinosaurs? The Leviathan a dinosaur? (21:36)
  • Hank shares thoughts on the four key factors that influence giving from the article “Short-Term Recession of the Long Winter? Rethinking the Theology of Money” by William F. High (31:48)
  • Comment on the teachings of Jentezen Franklin (46:58)
  • Lost friendship on the issue Reiki. She thought reiki was fine for Christians. She does not talk to me anymore. What should I do to show I care for her? (49:33)