March 29, 2010

Questions / Comments

  • From Ephesians 2:8-9 and James 2:17, 26 explain the faith that produces good works (51:18)
  • Are you an amillennialist? Does Romans 11 foresee a future revival among Jewish people? (41:55)
  • Regarding Luke 4:1; 4:14 and Acts 10:18. If Jesus is God, why was it necessary for Him to be filled with the Holy Spirit? (21:51).
  • Hank shares the giving to non-profits is down and the affect upon the Christian Research Institute. Offers additional insights from the article “Short-Term Recession of the Long Winter? Rethinking the Theology of Money” by William F. High (31:48)
  • Considering the once-saved-always-saved-can’t-lose-your-salvation-doctrine, does this mean the one who walks away from wife and daughter, goes back into the world, and dies in sin, will he still enter heaven? (36:12)
  • What is the Nicolaitan heresy in the Book of Revelation? (39:39)
  • When is it appropriate to teach young believers hermeneutics? (49:30)