March 30, 2010

Hank indicates the Book of Joshua is a terrific read and Joshua was a type of Christ… (2:48)

Questions / Comments

  • In Matthew 28 the disciples are instructed to go to Galilee, but John 20 says they are in the upper room in Jerusalem. Resolve apparent contradiction? (5:09)
  • Have a 17-year-old nice, she was raised in church, but told me that she does not believe in God (17:44).
  • Do Christians have the right to use self-defense with violent force? (25:07)
  • Hank shares insights on Passover and the practice of slaughtering a lamb and smearing blood on their lintels and the connection to Jesus Christ the Lamb of God (31:57)
  • Jesus’ resurrection at the end of the Sabbath, so clarify when Sunday came into effect, when day began with evening then morning? (37:15)
  • Is Yahweh a pagan name for a sky mountain god of lightning and thunder? (46:44)
  • Philadelphia Church of God view on the three days and three nights as relates to the Jewish Sabbath (54:22)