April 6, 2010

Questions / Comments

  • Saw a black body figures in hallway and a transparent image. Wife also saw the transparent image.  Were these angels? Difference between the black body figure and the transparent image? (6:13)
  • Friend into teachings of Rabbi Ralph Messer. Reliable teaching? (19:11)
  • Why did the new king in Egypt not remember Joseph in Exodus 1:8-9? (32:01)
  • What was the role of the Nephilim in Genesis 6? Angels reproducing with daughters of men? (35:17)
  • What happens to the unsaved after the Second Coming (37:39)
  • Why are the Jews called God’s chosen people and where is that in the Scriptures? (39:10)
  • Clarify unsaved after Second Coming. Why not say they will be cast into the lake of fire? Clarify those raised to eternal condemnation. (46:47)