April 12, 2010

Questions / Comments

  • Pastor said God predestined people to heaven and hell. I thought that teaching is arrogant. I thought John 3:16 says whosoever believes? (3:16)
  • Faith teachers miss the mark because faith is a tool that God gives to all people which is ignited by the Word of God in order for us to access grace. Does this match up with what you feel? (5:04)
  • Reading Old Testament prophets. They speak of judgement and restoration. Were the Old Testament prophets fulfilled with the return from exile? (9:13)
  • Concerned about the return of Jesus. My family does not believe. What can I leave them if I get raptured? (17:59)
  • What about Rob Bell associated with the emergent church? (21:29)
  • Is the message of Acts 2:38 only to the Jews? (32:08)
  • Does Romans 10 have a different gospel than in the Book of Acts? (34:04)
  • How to know that I am in an unevenly yoked relationship? Litmus test to figure out if the girl I am dating is a genuine Christian? (38:07)
  • In the millennium will children be born? Will we be working in then? (48:23)
  • Why was circumcision handed down to Abraham? (53:43)