August 12, 2009

Hank Hanegraaff shares on the way to one extreme Muslims are portrayed as maniacal monolith and on the other extreme they are portrayed as peace loving pacifists. Following the dark days of 911, it has become painfully obvious we are being informed by rhetoric and emotional stereotypes rather than reason and evidence (1:23) Hank shares on the Christian Research Journal article “Forerunner Eschatology: Mike Bickle’s End-Time Teaching and the International House of Prayer” by Andrew Jackson (11:14).


  • Do you intend to write a response to the USA Today article “We believe in evolution and God…” by Karl Giberson (22:51)
  • Does Jesus reconciling us in his flesh from Colossians 1:22 have spiritual applications? Scriptures support the idea that the Father turned His back on the Son? (28:00)
  • Joseph could tell the meaning of dreams. Is there meaning to all dreams? (40:01)
  • Early date of Revelation. How important is this issue? (42:01)
  • At what point do we stop supporting businesses that do not support biblical principles? (48:21)