April 23, 2010

Hank shares on researching and returning on questions about the faith that we are unready to answer… (2:46)

Questions / Comments

  • What are the guidelines for dual fulfillments of prophecy? (4:42)
  • Where in the Bible does it say Jesus rose on Sunday? (10:13)
  • Why did Jesus tell the healed to not tell anyone in Mark 5:43? (20:37)
  • Clarify C.S. Lews on the Christians saying to the Lord “Thy will be done“ but the Lord saying to unbelievers “Thy will be done” (25:08)
  • What happens when we die? New heaven new earth? Resurrected bodies? Absent in body present with the Lord? Second Coming? (34:14)
  • Why do certain Anglican Christians pray for the deceased loved ones in paradise? (46:40)
  • Sharing with sister on dangers of Harold Camping (53:25)