April 27, 2010

 Hank shares on the USA Today articleYoung Adults less Devoted to Faith: Survey Shows Steady Drift from Church” reporting on survey done by Lifeway Research on people who are drifting away from Christianity… (2:31)

Questions / Comments

  • Friends say that we are always being watched by Satan and his demons. Is this biblical? (9:54)
  • People came to my door saying there is a Mother God? (18:02)
  • Explain what it means to be equally yoked with God and between spouses (23:39)
  • Why brilliant minds like Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein miss the simplicity of the gospel? (26:52)
  • If a person like Stephen Hawking is seeking the Lord, would the Lord respond to him as one with the same intellectual status? (35:41)
  • Pentecostal doctrine on speaking in tongues as the initial and necessary evidence of the filling of the Holy Spirit. I disagree. Is this a valid reason that I should not attend a Pentecostal church?  (37:37)
  • Bible says God condemns liars and the Book of Revelation has liars cast into lake of fire. I am lying to my wife about my alcoholism. Am I going to hell? (38:49)
  • I do not believe in generational curses and healing by His stripes. What is your view? (46:45)
  • What are the biblical examples on keeping accountability with other Christians? (49:00)
  • What is the biblical perspective on romance in marriage? Song of Solomon applicable to romance in marriage? (51:10)