April 30, 2010

1-2 Samuel is one of Hank’s all-time favorites. Hank shares thoughts on Hannah’s prayer. She was the mother of Samuel the prophet… (2:31)

Comments / Questions

  • Question about Noah. If God found nobody righteous on Earth, where did Noah get his righteousness, and why was Noah considered righteous? (6:20)
  • Thoughts on miraculous things done by Smith Wigglesworth? (17:48)
  • Is masturbation a sin? (21:03)
  • Friend says God told him that he is not saved. How to respond? (24:07)
  • What about the Masonic Lodge? (31:53)
  • Why do people fast? (34:09)
  • How to follow God’s path totally. If you die in sin, does that mean you are not following God’s path, and that automatically means you are going to hell? (46:49)
  • I recall the Bible saying something about God forming some to be blessings for me and others to be cursing to me. Clarify. (49:42)