May 3, 2010

Comments / Questions

  • What are the beliefs of Bill Maher? (14:21)
  • What is your position on creationism? (17:28)
  • Clarify your view on the will of God and divine healing. Is it the will of God for some to be ill? (26:01)
  • Pondering a question from Hebrews 12:17 on Esau unable to find repentance. Is that possible to happen to a Christian?  (48:28)
  • Found out the Community of Christ (formerly the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints) is associated with Joseph Smith. Regret having allowed a young man with the Community of Christ to serve in my evangelical ministry’s mission trip. He was less than forthright in the interview process when asked on cultic affiliation of the Community of Christ (52:40)