August 17, 2009


  • Forgiveness in Matthew 18. Can unforgiveness put a Christian in jeopardy of losing salvation?  (8:00)
  • Who are the tormentors in Matthew 18:34? Demon spirits? (9:34)
  • Christians say, “I love Jesus, but I do not like God, who is vindictive and unloving.” How to respond? (14:06)
  • Isaiah says that no weapon formed against me shall prosper but why does John the Baptist get executed? (23:24)
  • Luther on baptism contradicts justification by faith? Did Luther teach baptismal regeneration? (27:35)
  • Can people be saved after the pretribulation rapture takes place? (30:32)
  • The transfiguration in Matthew 17. How could Elijah and Moses be with Jesus if none can return from heaven to earth? (39:11)
  • Will we have a new body when we get to heaven? (43:18)
  • Advice on sharing Christ with growing numbers of immigrants from different religions (45:59)