May 24, 2010

Questions / Comments

  • Diagnosed with pneumonia, which got me to doubt by salvation, and I do not have the peace that the Bible says, and I am concerned (3:50)
  • What about seed faith theology, Mike Murdock, and Todd Coontz? (22:27)
  • What is Israel’s role in the end times prior to the time Christ comes back? (26:48)
  • Believe in eternal security. I think eternal security is different than “once saved always saved.” Do you believe this? (30:25)
  • Revelation 22:18 supports doctrine of losing salvation? (31:08)
  • In previous conversation on assurance of salvation, you failed to mention the need to undergo water baptism. (38:59)
  • What about Joseph Prince? (42:10)
  • It seems to me there are two views of sanctification and one being that we are declared sanctified by God? (45:34)