May 31, 2010

Questions / Comments

  • How to explain to youth group about slain in the spirit happening at prayer times (2:09)
  • What are the dubious beliefs about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s theology? (4:51)
  • Female friend says she gets sexually aroused when she thinks of the Lord. Is this holy? (7:33)
  • Eating cup and bread in an unworthy matter in 1 Corinthians 11? Examples of worthily and unworthily? (11:06)
  • Does it need to be with wine and bread? (14:09)
  • Moving away from Mormonism. Have I been mistakenly praying to Satan? Is it possible to be cursed? How do I free myself? (21:04)
  • An evangelist claimed gold teeth were appearing (38:44)
  • Bible mentions predestination a few times. Get in discussions about predestination. The Scriptures tell us we are predestined according to whosoever in John 3:16. (42:15)
  • Got married over a year ago. No passion in marriage. Live as if just roommates. Advise. (46:52)