June 4, 2010

Questions / Comments

  • Listening to discussion about the seven-year tribulation. A world leader tied into that tribulation. Will there be such a world leader? (1:42)
  • Are we still looking for a rapture? What kind of end times does end times mean?  (3:43)
  • How should we view animal sacrifices? (8:04)
  • Did early Jews after the ascension of Christ continue performing animal sacrifices? (11:30)
  • Shroud of Turin legitimate? (12:18)
  • Discussing Satan and Hell with Christadelphians (20:55)
  • 18-year-old daughter says she is pregnant. Husband advised her to have an abortion. I do not want her to put the child up for adoption. Had different hopes on 18-year-old pregnant daughters but was all that happened God’s will? (27:18)
  • Jesus on Earth was human, divine, or human and divine? (40:23)
  • Bible uses metaphors like Egypt is the world and Israel is like the Church? (45:26)