June 8, 20210

Hank addresses the myth propped up by secular skeptics that Scripture sanctions slavery, a case in point being President Barack Obama who has overtly stated that the Bible supports slavery, but nothing can be further from the truth… (0:51)

Interview with LaShawn Barber on her article “What’s Wrong with Black Theology?

Questions / Comments

  • Told it was God’s will for racial segregation. Is this true? (22:20)
  • What does the Bible teach about the body, soul, and spirit? (25:53)
  • What does our freewill have in relation to what might have happened if Satan never fell? (28:27)
  • What about the teachings of John Eldridge? (29:52)
  • Mormon missionaries came over and purported that Joseph Smith’s martyrdom is proof of his willingness to die for the truth of his prophetic status, discovery of the gold plates and the Book of Mormon and so forth. (38:50)
  • How did Satan rebel if he did not have freewill? (44:52)
  • What are we learning on Earth that we will not learn once we get to heaven? Why struggle to learn? Will we not learn everything anyway in heaven? (47:26)