August 18, 2009


  • Did Muhammad receive his revelations in the same way as Joseph Smith did for the Book for Mormon? Moroni inspired both Islam and Mormonism? (7:31)
  • Are we to have total abstinence of alcoholic beverage or drink in moderation? (12:39)
  • Are those who say all forms of contraception wrong compelled to see all medical interventions as wrong too? (22:14)
  • Would even the use of condoms for contraception be wrong to use? (25:15)
  • Ok to ask others to in prayer link faith with one another for the healing of bodies and minds to change? (39:31)
  • Is the Christian God all knowing? How could God not know where Adam as hiding, why ask if Adam Ate the fruit, and why He knew not who told Adam that he was naked? (46:11)