June 9, 2010

Hank comments on the problematic claims made in the Book of Mormon. No evidence for Reformed Egyptian hieroglyphics, no evidence for the Land of Moron, and no evidence for Jaredites, Nephites, and Laminates migrated from Israel to the Americas. These are the products of Joseph Smith’s fertile imagination… (0:31)

Questions / Comments

  • Where are the original manuscripts located? Who has them in their possession? (7:22)
  • Is going to doctors and taking medication unchristian? (11:25)
  • Address the National Sunday Law book and the claim that Sunday worship is the mark of the beast (13:58)
  • Does John 10:27 mean God speaks to us in our heart or in my mind, but if I do not hear His voice, I am not His? (21:51)
  • Why did not Jesus pass through the walls of the tomb instead of just rolling away the stone? Why had not Lazarus already gone to heaven, but his spirit remained in his body while in the tomb? (25:42)
  • Friend is following Arnold Murray with the Shepherd’s Chapel. Problems? (28:47)
  • Do you feel that we are in the current generation drifting further and further from evangelical concept of church and genuine orthodoxy? (31:04)
  • Where in the NT is tithing a requirement? (38:43)
  • Thoughts on the English Standard Version of the Bible (45:50)