June 11, 2010

Questions / Comments

  • Co-worker says family members can see spirits and ghosts. Why do people think they see spirits or ghosts? (4:57)
  • Do demons know family history and play tricks on our mind? (8:13)
  • Pastors in my church into spiritual mapping ad binding Satan in prayer. Current pastor endorses slain in the Spirit. Pastor is influenced by Carlos Annacondia. Annacondia talks about gold teeth fillings miraculously appearing. (10:02)
  • Saved at 7 years old, baptized a year later, gotten into Bible within the last year, still drink a lot, have a problem with alcohol, am I still saved? (24:28)
  • Friend raised a Baptists but currently who identifies as a prophet. Says she listens to Larry Wilson. Who is Larry Wilson? (40:54)
  • Single Christian in my 30s. Read my Bible. Know Bible on marriage. Ok for single man and get involved with a woman divorcee? Will God approve? (46:41)