June 14, 2010

Questions / Comments

  • What about Harold Camping? (1:12)
  • Have you ever heard of Hank Lesbert? He says you are a preterist, and that you believe the resurrection already happened? (4:06)
  • Have a hard time understanding your view on the Antichrist and the Great Tribulation? What about Daniel 9:27? (6:09)
  • In Matthew 24 Jesus points to Daniel 9:27 and ties it into His Second Coming? (11:42)
  • Arrival of the Antichrist by Dr. Marquis. Dr. Marquis claims to be a former Illuminati member. Talks lots about Freemasonry. Reliable?  (21:22)
  • Is the Illuminati real? Anything to be concerned about? (23:44)
  • Biblical grounds for church membership? (26:00)
  • When Christ refers to Peter as “Simon” in Mark 14 a sign that Peter was not saved? Listening to Word of Promise, how do we know the theatrics are not shaping the meaning of the text? How do we know the emotional state of the biblical characters? (32:05)
  • Is health and wealth promised to Christians? (44:46)
  • How to explain the Trinity to my 5-year-old daughter? (48:34)