June 15, 2010

Hank Hanegraaff debunks the tale of Christopher Columbus having the raw courage to stand against a mutinous crew who feared sailing over the edge of a flat Earth. Revisionist history turn the Dark Ages dark and the Renaissance enlightened. But the millennium that encompassed Greek and Roman history is more correctly characterized by irrational superstition than rational supposition… (0:32)

Interview with Ted Behr, Founder and Publisher of Movieguide, on the article “Culturally Corrosive Comedy: The Daily Show and The Cobert Report.

Questions / Comments

  • The laying hands and divine healing in Mk 16:18. Are these miraculous works just for the apostles but true for Christians? (21:08)
  • What is the difference between Spirit baptism and water baptism? (25:40)
  • How to get my wife to quit watching ghost hunter television shows? (30:35)
  • Can you lose salvation? (40:13)
  • Son listens to Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer but also holds to the Law of Attraction (43:39)
  • Reformed Theology, the five points of Calvinism and predestination (47:09)