June 17, 2010

Questions / Comments

  • What is Reformed Theology? How does it relate to eschatology and end times? (1:00)
  • Roman Catholic Church changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday at the Council of Nicea? (5:49)
  • Made a profession of faith as a 9-year-old boy, correctly understood salvation by grace, got baptized, but fell away, and now I returned to the Lord. A friend now insists that I need to get rebaptized. I heard water baptism is a wedding ring. What’s correct? (11:10)
  • Joel Osteen a good preacher to watch? (23:15)
  • Why does the Book of Revelation not mention the churches Paul ministered to like the churches at Thessalonica, Corinth, and Ephesus?  (29:19)
  • Lived an immoral life until 2000 when I repented through the ministry of Teen Challenge. But I do not think I am bearing any fruit. (39:08)
  • Address practice of speaking in tongues (46:14)