June 18, 2010

Questions / Comments

  • Does Jesus’ teaching on turning the other cheek contradicts the use of self-defense and teaching children to defend themselves? (3:30)
  • How do I effectively witness to my Roman Catholic friend? (6:07)
  • Roman Catholic friend says Martin Luther’s added the word “alone” to the Bible and his translation of the Bible was so bad it was never used. If sola Scripture, why so many denominations? (9:16)
  • Pastor wants to propose to our church that preachers can only preach from the KJV. How to respond? (24:49)
  • What about the teachings of David Jeremiah? (29:17)
  • Do you know about Southwest Radio Bible Church? (29:39)
  • Wife of Cain? Could she have come via evolution and there were people prior to Adam and Eve? (30:07)
  • Centurion request Jesus to heal servant in Matthew 8:5. Did Jesus adjusted how He would handle the healing of the servant based upon the level of faith of the Centurion? (40:50)