June 22, 20

Hank interviews Chad Meister on his Christian Research Journal article “Atheists and the Quest for Objective Morality” (0:35)

Questions / Comments

  • What about the Joel Osteen saying Mormons being “born again” on Larry King (22:52)
  • What about spiritual warfare and Joyce Meyer’s Battlefield of the Mind? (29:37)
  • Joel Osteen always qualifies of not being an expert (31:30)
  • New Age and Christianity – How to speak to someone who has made a culture out of New Age teachings, like that of Eckhart Tolle? (39:05)
  • When we are in heaven will we be able to talk to the person of the Holy Spirit? (44:54)
  • Siblings died in infancy. Will they be adults in heaven? (48:22)
  • Jesus’ sweating blood. What is it considered a disease or a condition? (49:05)