We live in a stressed-out society. Hank takes a moment to share on the important matter of suicide. (0:40)

Questions / Comments

  • Christ descended into hades between death and resurrection, why did He commit His spirit into the Father’s hand? (3:20)
  • Is the Devil able to influence our thoughts or make us think a certain way? (9:30)
  • Does hell exist or is hell something that will be created by God in the future? Friend says and believes she went to hell and back. (12:40)
  • Marriage in heaven? Will we know our spouses in heaven? (20:58)
  • Must we be baptized with the Holy Spirit and receive the Holy Spirit as a second blessing? (24:50)
  • Use of justification in Matthew 12:37 contradicts Protestant doctrine of sola fide (27:53)
  • Calvinism and Reformed Theology coming to the forefront of our conversations (40:53)