July 7, 2010

Hank comments on the implications for Christian apologetics in on answering a fool in Proverbs 26 (0:30)

Questions / Comments

  • Can you offer explanation for keeping the faith 2 Peter 1:5-10 (5:17)
  • How do we know Jesus is the Messiah without reading what somebody else wrote about Him being the Messiah? (8:00)
  • National Sunday Law by Jan Marcussan (11:01)
  • Bob Coy on John 20:22 and the receiving of the Holy Spirit as the point the disciples of Jesus were saved (23:59)
  • Hank your ministry helped me out of Word of Faith movement and being misled by Creflo Dollar. How to minister to others caught up in Word of Faith movement (30:16)
  • Homebound and married to substance abuser who lies. We are separated. She left me alone. Ok to divorce? (40:09)