August 21, 2009

Hank shares testimonials from constituents who encouraged to read the Bible and know the Scriptures through Bible Answer Man broadcast (0:39)


  • Daughter lost mother around the same time she was diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis). She also found out that her husband also has MS. She is struggling with knowing God’s purposes for bother her and her husband. (4:20)
  • Paraplegic shares God giving him peace through his suffering. He still experiences pain, and doubts God is hearing his prayers. (9:31)
  • Josephus tells of Jesus being a miracle worker. How do we know he is not lying? (21:53)
  • Where are we at with respect to the time left before Christ’s return? (23:58)
  • Is it biblical to being a member of a church (27:33)
  • Work at shelter for abused seniors. Does the Bible support a person leaving an abusive relationship? (31:15)
  • Family member committed suicide. Is she going to heaven? (38:59)
  • Will we know deceased loved ones in heaven? (42:30)
  • Does 3 John 2 relate to sowing and tithing then reaping? Clarify robbing God and bringing tithes into the warehouse in Malachi 3. Can we test God on this? (44:30)