July 12, 2010

Questions / Comments

  • Is paedo communion ok? (3:45)
  • Suicide the unforgivable sin? Will a Christian who commits suicide goes to Heaven? (7:20)
  • Does Bible teach a secret rapture? (11:40)
  • How to defend creationism from the Bible to an atheist? (20:55)
  • I have the gift of discernment, I can sense evil in others, not sure if they are possessed, but how do I best use this gift, but other relate with me and my gift (27:15)
  • Given we are imperfect beings at the present are we going to be fish out of water in the new heaven and earth? (39:11)
  • Where were the spirits when people who died and were resurrected like Lazarus and Dorcas? (44:00)
  • Accepted a call to preach. Where to go for counseling, training, and ordination? (45:37)
  • Restitution necessary for forgiveness? Can one repent without paying restitution?  (48:30)