July 14, 2010

Hank answers a Facebook question on what the Bible says about cremation.

Questions / Comments

  • Doing a study on panentheism and pantheism. I want to say the Bible is the book of life itself. It is written not on tables of stone but on tables of the heart. Our names written in it. Bible is symbolic of the book of life (4:54)
  • Explain Revelation 9:1-12 (7:37)
  • Philip preaches to converts who had not received Holy Spirit in Acts 8. Do we not receive Holy Spirit at time of conversion? (10:08)
  • Charismatic movement misinterprets the Bible in teaching a second blessing of the Holy Spirit? (14:20)
  • If it is a matter of economics, God can find you, and cost will burden family, is cremation permitted? (20:36)
  • Pastor said if you do not have money, it is because God could not trust you with it. (28:17)
  • Noah and the Ark happened as the Bible, but if Noah and family were only survivors, where did all the other races come from? (30:36)
  • Is there a rapture? (39:40)
  • Agree no pretribulation rapture, but when there is a resurrection, those alive who are resurrection also, is this the rapture? (46:49)