July 15, 2010

Hank interviews William Lane Craig on his book on defending the faith titled  On Guard (0:52)

Questions / Comments

  • The word “apologetics” is a poor choice for the defense of “the faith.” Every time I hear the word it sounds like were apologizing for what we believe (21:05)
  • Explaining the resurrection of Jesus to a skeptic. I said the disciples were willing to die for their faith. Skeptic says how do we know they died? (23:17)
  • Discussing with unbelieving co-worker on all people being born in sin and need of Christ. She wonders on when we become accountable for our choice to receive or reject Christ (27:57)
  • Discussing with unbelieving co-worker who always asserts Bible is inaccurate historically and always breaks down Christians in debates. What do I do with this? (38:45)
  • King David taking the census. God commanded or the enemy led David astray. (42:08)
  • Bible teacher says we’re in the great Tribulation and that we are in a lottery wherein only two-hundred-million people will be saved? (46:19)