July 16, 2010

Hank shares on the necessity of Christian apologetics (0:50)

Questions / Comments

  • Someone says there is no good Christian in the world because there are no perfect Christians in the world. True? (3:25)
  • John 1:18 on not seeing God, but Genesis 17 says the Lord appear, and is this like Moses where they are allowed to see the trail of God’s glory? (5:32)
  • What is wormwood in the Book of Revelation? (11:52)
  • Matthew 19:29 literally means leaving one’s own wife and children? (21:20)
  • What is collective salvation? (26:09)
  • Thoughts on David Jeremiah’s teaching on the rapture (30:28)
  • Went to a talk hosted by Tomorrow’s Word associated with Herbert W. Armstrong. They taught against the Trinity (31:22)
  • What about the teachings of Andrew Wommack? (39:29)
  • Christ teaching on asking for anything in His name. What did the Lord mean? (41:50)
  • What about teachings of Doug Batchelor with the Seventh-day Adventist? (45:30)