July 19, 2010

Hank shares on an USA Today article stating that Evangelical Christians are leaving evangelical Christianity in masse, particularly children, 70% of them, they are leaving the Christian faith, no longer believing the Bible is the infallible repository of redemptive revelation, nor Jesus Christ is the only way…

Questions / Comments

  • Baptism necessary for salvation instead of just confessing Jesus as Savior? (4:16)
  • Explain a child being born and a nation being born in one day in Isaiah 66:7-8. Fulfilled in the formation of modern state of Israel? (6:57)
  • In Acts 10 there were many confessing Christians who received water baptism but when did they receive the Holy Spirit? (20:55)
  • Me and my Husband are former divorcees and now in perpetual adultery? (28:28)
  • Does Jesus going away to prepare a place for us means that in the future we will not be living on this Earth? (31:13)
  • Jesus’ response to thief on the cross being in paradise in Luke 23:43 and how does this related to what happens to use after we die? (39:11)