July 23, 2010

Hank shares on how Satan packages and repackages the lie of Kabbalah (0:33)

Questions / Comments

  • Glenn Beck is a Mormon. Is it wrong to watch his television show? (3:21)
  • What about the teachings of John Bevere? Address Bevere’s teaching that one can take himself/herself out of God’s hands? Can a person’s name be removed from the Book of Life? (10:25)
  • Can Christian women enlist in the military? Does the Bible support this? (20:55)
  • The Apostle Paul contradicts Jesus? Someone pointed out that Jesus said that He would not found be found in inner room or the desert, but Paul wrote in Galatians says he went to the Arabia, i.e., the desert, to learn Christianity. How to resolve? (25:20)
  • I heard a pastor say Genesis 1:26-27 only applies the image of God to Adam and Eve but nobody else. Correct? (40:22)
  • I gave my father an accidental overdose of medication and he passed away. How do I get through this? (43:47)