July 26, 2010

Hank comments on the legend of Charles Darwin’s death bed conversion (0:33)

Questions / Comments

  • Address Abram and Sarai in Egypt when Sarai is told to lie and tell others she was his sister, but Pharaoh’s house suffers for it. (3:23)
  • Explain the curse upon Ham by Noah? (5:38)
  • Joseph being brought to Egypt. but Pharaoh creates slaves during time of famine. Joseph made Hebrews and other people slaves in Egypt? (8:36)
  • What does the Bible say about interracial marriages? (21:11)
  • Shacking up with my boyfriend. Says he is a believer but rejects things in the Bible. Want to marry, but conflicted because he appears more to be an unbeliever than a true believer (22:20)
  • Address C.H. Spurgeon statement on there being a real fire in hell that will burn but never consume and condemned crying out for mercy without mercy ever being given (30:54)
  • Sid Roth a sound teacher? (38:57)
  • Are we only supposed to read the King James Version of the Bible? (41:04)
  • Someone ask about how we know God is real and made me scared. (43:48)
  • 1 Samuel 17-18 and the Lord departing Saul, then experiencing suffering, getting David to play music to calm his soul, but Saul not knowing who David was after the defeat of Goliath (48:40)