July 28, 2010

Questions / Comments

  • I have been taught on salvation for children prior to the age of accountability, which contradicts the teaching that those who never heard are automatically going to hell (0:58)
  • I am in a common law marriage, I want to get back into the Word of God, we go to church, he is still an unbeliever, what does God recognize a common law marriage? (4:47)
  • Is masturbation a sin? (21:11)
  • Does eternal life begin at conception? (25:12)
  • Biblical teaching on how the Holy Spirit works in our lives? My mother says the Holy Spirit promised her a large monetary gift upwards to a million dollars (29:50)
  • Acts 15 on Gentiles not having to keep circumcision but why the four prohibitions? Contradicts 1 Corinthians 8 on the matter of food sacrificed to idols? (38:58)
  • Friend says American Christians are just playing church with platform singers and rock-n-roll bands and thinks there are evil spirits in some churches (45:33)