August 2, 2010

Hank comments on the USA Today article “Family and Faith in the Mix: Clinton-Mezvinsky interfaith union reflects reality for one-third of USA.” Chelsea Clinton, is a Methodist, and Marc Mezvinsky, a Conservative Jew (0:50)

Questions / Comments

  • When Christians who die a contradiction to Psalm 34:17? (7:09)
  • Explain all Israel will be saved in Romans 11:25-27? (9:47)
  • When we die and reign with Christ, will we have material possessions, status, and occupations? (22:16)
  • Supernatural gifts of the Spirit. I think sign gifts like prophecies, healings, and miracles have ceased whereas other gifts are still active. But others think all gifts have ceased. What is your view? (29:16)
  • What about Reinhard Bonnke? (39:46)
  • Explain Jesus’ statement on the last being first, the first being last, for many are called but few are chosen at the end of the parable of the workers in Matthew 20 (46:25)
  • Discussing with friends on baptism being necessary for salvation in 1 Peter 3 (49:12)