August 6, 2010

Hank comments on taking on the mark of the beast and the FDA approved Verichip technology (0:42)

Questions / Comments

  • Work at company that uses RFID tech but heard criticism it is intrusive to privacy (3:36)
  • Is tithing for the net or gross income?  (7:32)
  • What is Hebrews 6:4-6 saying to us?  (11:08)
  • Help me understand the shield of faith in the armor of God (23:38)
  • How to witness to Mormons? (26:42)
  • When Jesus read the Torah were they the books in the Roman Catholic Bible (the additional books from the LXX designated among Protestants as “the Apocrypha”) or Protestant Bible of the Baptists (29:58)
  • Pastor says when we witness people in church caught in sin, we need to confront them, but I have concerns that the pastor impatiently confronted a member without sensitivity to the wayward person’s mental health (32:27).
  • Karen Wheaton Ministries and the Ramp. Son went to a Ramp event, came back on fire for the Lord, but I am leery of charismatic ministries (48:24)