August 28, 2009

Hank Hanegraaff has a conversation with a caller named Jeff who is struggling with his faith.

Topics discussed:

  • God charging guardian angels to personally look after each person (1:15)
  • Purgatory being a place where we are awaiting to be judged (3:00)
  • What are the sins that are unforgivable (21:19)
  • Addressing fear of failure in relationship to faith in God (29:16)
  • Never asked for anything except for help in figuring something else. If you are not saved, God hears your prayers, but He does not answer you? (32:03)
  • Discuss belief in Jesus being the Son of God and God being one in three persons (38:14)
  • Is there a uniform way of praying? (45:32)
  • Hank prays with Jeff (45:55)