August 12, 2010

Questions / Comments

  • How does a Christian reconcile “you will not murder” with the job such as a military soldier or with capital punishment? (0:32)
  • Clarify God the Father’s drawing in John 6:44 & 65 and freewill? (2:29)
  • My wife left me and filed for divorce. I tried to reconcile. Will Christ hold me accountable for the sin of divorce? (8:31)
  • Why do you refer to the 1000-year reign as the golden age? Is it sarcasm? (11:50)
  • I read from a commentary that asserted the Book of Revelation dated outside the Nero era and in time of Domitian. What is the evidence for a pre-AD 70 date? (20:57)
  • Is there any prophecy that needs to be fulfilled before the coming of Christ? (26:46)
  • What happens to Jews who die without Christ? Can they be saved despite their rejection of Jesus as Messiah? (40:36)
  • Any biblical support for female pastors and leaders in the church? (47:02)