August 16, 2010

Questions / Comments

  • How to evangelize Mormons? (0:37)
  • Address problems with couples living together outside of marriage. Sharing Christian ideals of marriage with non-Christians (4:01)
  • Responding to public controversy about Muslims building a Mosque in town (8:12)
  • Who are Gog and Magog in Ezekiel 38-39? Related to modern events? (11:33)
  • Who is the Angel of the Lord in the OT? I (22:11)
  • What is the Millennium in Revelation 20? (26:13)
  • Clarify comments on Melchizedek. Is Melchizedek the preincarnate Jesus Christ? (39:06)
  • Billy Graham said Christ died and went to hell for us. Did Jesus literally go to hell? (39:40)
  • What do you think about the Greek Orthodox Church? (41:58)
  • Bahai and their belief on the execution and disappearance of the Bab (46:28)
  • Was William Branham a true prophet of God? What about Banham’s teaching on the seven churches and claim to being the end time prophet of God? (49:14)