August 19, 2010

Questions / Comments

  •  What do you think of Anne Rice’s belief that you can abandon Christianity without abandoning Christ? (0:46)
  • Advice on being a Bible Answer Man to the Spanish community (10:19)
  • Do Scriptures forbid holding hands while dating someone? (20:58)
  • How to biblically address full preterism? (23:45)
  • Renting a room in my home. A single mom wants to rent the space. I am single. Do not want to be a stumbling block or be in a compromising position. Is it ok? (29:04)
  • Anne Rice was a Roman Catholic. But Roman Catholicism is not the same as Christianity. The quitting Christianity comments confound the issue, since it associates Christianity with Roman Catholicism (41:21)
  • I have a bad habit of smoking. Am I still a Christian? (49:11)